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Paul Lightfoot new Artistic Director of Nederlands Dans Theater

12 Sep 2011


Paul Lightfoot will succeed Jim Vincent as Artistic Director of Nederlands Dans Theater as of today. Lightfoot has been with the company since 1985; first as a dancer, then as a choreographer together with Sol León. From 2002 Lightfoot and León became house choreographers. Lightfoot remains alongside his new role as Artistic Director, house choreographer for Nederlands Dans Theater.

Jim Vincent, who became Artistic Director as of the 2009/2010 season, will stay on as co-Artistic Director until the end of December 2011 in order to pass on his duties to Lightfoot. After that, he will be Artistic Adviser until the end of the 2011/2012 season.

Robert van Leer, Managing Director of Nederlands Dans Theater since August 2011, commented on the appointment of Paul Lightfoot as Artistic Director: "The decision that led to this appointment is taken at a time of severe budget cuts in the arts and culture in the Netherlands. Much to our relief, Nederlands Dans Theater will remain a part of the Basic Infrastructure (BIS), but we must engage with the consequences of this new cultural climate. For us, being one of the few in the BIS, it carries expanded responsibilities to meet the new expectations from the company. The fact that we will have to work even harder to meet these demands and at the same time maintain our (inter)national position requires a different approach. It is hard to say goodbye to Jim Vincent, who has put his heart and soul into Nederlands Dans Theater. In the past two and a half years he has made tremendous progress with the company, we are very grateful to him for those accomplishments."

Johan van der Werf (interim Chairman of the Supervisory Board):”Paul Lightfoot has been committed to the company for 26,5 years. He knows the company through and through. His artistry and his enormous history with the company form a powerful starting point to face the future”.

Paul Lightfoot (1966, England) joined Nederlands Dans Theater in 1985 as a dancer. He started choreographing with Sol León during his dance career. They became renowned choreographers and were appointed as house choreographers of Nederlands Dans Theater in 2002. To date, Lightfoot and León have created over 40 choreographies for the company, for which they received many dance awards and are performed  around the world.

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